COVID and Funerals

Effect of COVID19 on funerals

Since the onset of the COVID pandemic, we have been restricted by state order to only allow 10 people to attend any funeral service we conduct.  The falling numbers of infections and death have eased the restrictions in certain circumstances.  We are still only limited to 10 per service indoors, but now can accommadate up to 50 in an outdoor setting.  In light of these adjusted requirments we have developed and present here some options to  choose when planning a funeral service.

Live Streaming

If you choose to only have 10 people at a service, we can broadcast services over the internet for others to view.

  • If interested, be sure to inform your director immediately so we schedule the stream with limited conflict in regard to logistics.
  • An embedded player will be inserted into the obituary on our website.  All one needs to do is click on the viewer to watch.  Click the dashed box in the lower right of the viewer to view in full screen.
  • You will have to sign a waiver before we can stream the live service.  At the time of signing you will be asked how long you would like the service to remain available.  The live stream will be recorded and remain as a video in the obituary.

Multi Chapel Broadcast

We have the ability to divide our chapels into 4 distinct rooms.  This allows us to have 10 people in each room allowing 40 total to view the service onsite.

  • This needs to be discussed immediately with your director and planned accordingly as not to conflict with another service.
  • Each room will broadcast the service from the main chapel.  The service will be viewed on a 65 inch televisions;
  • This option may be paired with  a Live Stream to reach a greater number of viewers.

Outdoor Services

We provide outdoor services at the funeral home and graveside.  Fifty people can be accomodated on our green lot next to the funeral home.  Gravesides numbers will vary from cemetery to cemetery as each has their own policies.

  • Outdoor services at our facility come with a tent, chairs  and sound system. 
  • A second tent can be selected for luncheons.  
  • Video recording is available for both our outdoor service and graveside services.  The video will be available on a thumb drive or disk and can be embeded in the obituary on our website.